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About Joys Hotel & Resort

Poovar is almost at the southern tip of Trivandrum. It marks the end of Kerala. Its very close to Vizhinjan, natural harbor. The origin of the name “Poovar” has a story related to Marthanda Varma. Before that it was called Pokkumoosapuram. During internal riots in Travancore and while escaping from the Ettuveetil Pillamar (Lords of the Eight Houses), the king reached Poovar. It was a spring season and the trees on either sides of the Neyyar were full of flowers. These flowers fell into the river making it more attractive. On seeing this pleasant scenery, Marthanda Varma commented that this was poo-var, a conjunction of the Malayalam words for “flower” and “river”.

Chairman’s Message


Joy Nareparambil,
Joys Hotels
Chairman and Managing Director

As the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Joys Hotels and Resorts,I feel privileged to have my first property in my hometown of Thrissur. The hotel “Joys Palace”, have received many honours during its short timeline, such as being the first and currently, the only five star hotel in Thrissur. Through Joys Palace and our other properties, we introduce our guests from all over the world to a unique excellence of customer service.

We give great importance to the location of our properties to enhance the guest’s experience, convenience and satisfaction. Our first hotel Joys Palace is located in Thrissur, the cultural capital of the state. The district is also the location of Thrissur Pooram, the biggest festival of the state. Our second property, Joys Resorts is located in munnar which is completely filled with beautiful tea gardens that just adds to the already existing magnificence of the place. Likewise, our future properties in Poovar, Kodaikanal will also help us show our guests the culture we develop in our company and the manner in which we exceed guest expectations.